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Fixing Paths

For Codecov to operate properly, all files in the coverage report must match the git/hg file structure. Codecov has internal methods of mapping paths, but they may not work properly on all projects. You may provide patterns to fix file paths manually, to map them back accordingly.

  - "before/::after/"  # move path   e.g., "before/path" => "after/path"
  - "::after/"         # move root   e.g., "path/" => "after/path/"
  - "before/::"        # reduce root e.g., "before/path/" => "path/"

Regexp and glob pattern matching are allowed in the fixes.

  - "before/test-*::after/"

The pattern above will move files in the following manner.

before/tests-apples/test.js => after/test.js
before/tests-oranges/test.js => after/test.js
before/app-apples/app.js => before/app-apples/app.js

Updated 6 months ago

Fixing Paths

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