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Self-hosted Install Guide

We have provided two distinct methods of installing Codecov Enterprise. We highly suggest using Docker, which is the easiest and quickest deployment option.

Deploy with Docker Compose

There are two main methods when deploying with Docker Compose, with varying degrees of configuration, availability, and scale. It is recommended to read the Codecov Enterprise Deployment Strategies documentation.

However, if you're just seeking a trial/proof of concept deployment of Codecov Enterprise, see Deploying with Docker Compose.

Deploy in Kubernetes

Full deployment scripts using terraform can be found for AWS, GCP, and Azure (coming soon) here:

Supported pathways currently in progress, if you would like a custom deployment / orchestration, please reach out to us directly at [email protected]

Linux / bare metal deprecated

As of January 22nd, 2019, we have deprecated support for Linux / bare metal.

Best Practice: Security

In line with industry best practices, we recommend placing your enterprise install of Codecov behind your company's firewall, or otherwise perform other access controls such that it is only accessible by trusted staff and employees. Other Best Practices

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Self-hosted Install Guide

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